Signs Of A Failing Relationship

by Nate Lovestruck

People get so lost in love that they rarely see it coming...

Love is a magical thing. Meeting someone new, spending every waking moment with them until one day, as if by magic, it takes your breath away. You find yourself in love. Most of us  have experienced the beautiful feeling of falling in love by now, but sadly when we're falling out of love, we often don't see it coming.

Love is one of the most powerful emotions one can experience in life. Unconditional, yet loaded with pitfalls. It can brings us to the highest highs and the lowest lows. Overwhelmed in the bliss of love, most relationships start out rather passionately. The novelty of having a deep connection with someone consumes the soul and you both find yourself utterly enamored. As the relationship blossoms you discover new and exciting things about each other until eventually your relationship will plateau. Depending on the relationship, the "honeymoon" stage can last anywhere from 2 months to 2 years, but at some point things will level out. This is perfectly natural as it is healthy to settle down to allow time for other obligations in life.

As sad as this sound it isn't necessarily a bad thing, couples should have other interests and not fully rely on each other for complete happiness. The challenge is to keep your relationship alive and interesting during this leveling out stage. If you're not careful about refreshing the passion, you may be looking at a straight drive down disaster street.

Warning Signs

  • Your partner starts to act oddly and spends more time hanging out with friends instead of you.
  • They spend a lot of time talking about people they have recently met, but you haven't.
  • You find you're drifting apart, not spending as much time together.
  • You sometimes have a feeling that your partner is trying to disconnect themselves from you.
  • Your partner shows extreme signs of moodiness - super happy at one point and totally miserable at other times for absolutely no reason.
  • You have a gut feeling the size of a watermelon in your stomach like something is going horribly wrong?

These can be early warning signs that the relationship may be in trouble. Amazingly enough, people do have a sixth sense for this kind of thing. A gut feeling that tells us something's not quite right is there for a reason, pay attention to it. Be attentive and make sure the feeling is more then irrational paranoia, sometimes people get in odd headspaces, it doesn't always mean they're tired of you. Like anything in life, relationship's must be tended to and renovated to be kept at full capacity, call it love spring cleaning.

In keeping a relationship healthy it's always a good habit to let your partner know that you enjoy being with them. I'm not saying that you have to go screaming your love from the rooftops, but it's always good to let them know how you feel. A compliment goes a long way, and a little reassurance once in a while never hurts either.

Reaching this plateau is scary but can also be quite invigorating. It means you’ve reached a new level, a level where either your love will climb to the next cliff or it will plunge into nothingness. Most great relationships you’ll hear about hit a plateau at some point. At this point there will be decision to either keep going or try new things. Embrace these moments for they only make the relationship more powerful. Most of us don’t realize the mistakes we’re making until we get a taste of what it’ll be like without that person. It’s a shame that we need a potentially traumatic experience to scare us straight but from what I’ve learned it seems to be that way.

Long story short, relationships are a tricky thing. They can be the most rewarding and gratifying experiences of our lives and also quite possibly the most devastating. From a week staring out the window thinking it will never get better, to smiling under a tree euphorically in silence with your love. The experience can hit all spectrums of emotion. Stay alert, appreciate what you have, and remain positive. Things will work out just fine, either way.