About Love Sick Fools

Lovesickfools.com is designed to help "real" people in their conquest for love. With helpful advice, strategies, online dating tips and and basic human psychology this site's main intent is to help us all understand how to find, keep and understand love.

Created in 2004 Lovesickfools.com was developed to help people figure out and conquer the many problems we get ourselves into while being in relationships. Be it a long term relationship, or a short fling, the articles and advice column are geared towards helping you find a solution to your own personal problem.

Being an excellent observer of human nature, and having a profound knowledge of what it takes to make a successful relationship work, the head writer at Lovesickfools.com "Nate Lovestruck" delves deep into the world of dating and relationships in hopes of enlightening and helping all who read his love columns.

Although having very little formal education in psychology, Nate has taken it as a personal challenge to understand people, why we do the things we do and why we go through such great lengths to experience such a powerful emotion as love. Having been in a variety of relationships in his life, basing most of his existence on social connections and helping the people around him understand their reality better, writing love columns only seemed natural.

We hope you find this site informative and that you return regularly to view our updated content.

Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


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